When you list your home for sale through an agent who uses VisualTour, you get the additional benefit of seeing a chart with the actual viewing traffic for your home’s unique VisualTour! Here is a sample report that your agent can email to you for real time updates! This is a great source of comfort to you and your agent to use as a point of reference for how well other comparable homes are selling.


For Sale

89% of Home Buyers turn to the Internet to look for homes. Which homes capture their time and attention?

Listings of homes for sale, of course. But listings with plenty of information including a visual presentation of the home. In fact 97% of consumers surveyed prefer listings with virtual tours and multiple photos. Sounds obvious? Imagine if on eBay, an automotive or hotel website you just saw a couple of lines of text describing the item offered. No photos, no feature rich information about the specifications, the warranty, or how to find or purchase the item. You wouldn’t spend much time on that type of website would you?

Providing a quality, rich media Internet based showcase is now one of the minimum requirements for a real estate professional to effectively market a seller’s home and to attract buyers to express interest in that home. No longer is it acceptable to just put a sign in the front yard, purchase a 3 line classified ad, send out a batch of “Just Listed” postcards to the neighbors and hold an open house.

Real estate professionals who are proactive in leveraging the power of the internet to market a seller’s home know that they need to do more than just show a few lines of text and a photo or two on the Multiple Listing Service or on their own website.

Today’s top agents use the power of VisualTour

to professionally showcase your home with rich media that appeals to home buyers.

Take a look at some of these VisualTours below that give you an idea of why we say that VisualTour is the best way to show a home and see a home.


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But VisualTour is much more than just a series of pretty photos and scrolling panoramic scenes. Each VisualTour can include interactive mapping, a printable flyer, the ability to download the tour for reference when a buyer cannot be connected to the internet and immediate contact points so that buyers can reach your listing agent immediately!

Maximum Exposure

Just as important as all of these features is the Maximum Exposure that only VisualTour provides your agent and your home. Hitwise.com is a leading website traffic measuring service, monitoring more than 1 million websites, including more than 2,500 real estate websites. These recent charts clearly show that the nearly 10 million VisualTours viewed monthly is more than three times the exposure generated by our nearest virtual tour competitor. And VisualTour is also a serious information source compared with other well known real estate search sites.

Top 10 Virtual Tour Vendors*

HitWise Pie Chart

Source: Hitwise.com - Real-Time Competitive Intelligence. All data shown from March, 2010.
*Custom subcategory defined.