Linking Your Tours to Your Local MLS

Especially with IDX / Broker Reciprocity just around the corner, it's important that your local MLS software vendor make the changes immediately that will allow you to automatically link the virtual tour of YOUR choice with your listings. When a potential buyer views your listing information from the database of listings provided by the MLS (whether on your website or on your competitors), they should be able to view your virtual tour as well.

Many of the more progressive boards around the country have already requested and received this very important feature from their MLS software providers. Technically, linking tours to listings is a very easy matter. If you're interested in the "mechanics" of how the automatic linking actually works, click here.

Many MLSs have already implemented manual linking of virtual tours to their listings whereby the agent enters the tour's URL, however automatic linking directly between the tour vendor and the MLS has two very important advantages:

  1. It's EASY for the agent. All the agent has to do is enter the MLS number when they create the tour, and the tour vendor can automatically send the tour link to the MLS, and the MLS can automatically link the tour to the listing. Once this is setup, it's a totally automated process that requires no human intervention.
  2. Many MLSs have rules that prohibit "branding" the agent or broker on listings that are shown via IDX. This would apply to virtual tours as well. By enabling automatic linking, we can ensure that the tour URL that's sent to the MLS uses the tour "skin" that's in compliance with the MLSs IDX rules and regulations, and has been pre-approved by the MLS. This is impossible to accomplish with manual linking. Click here to see our VisualTour "chameleon" skin feature that allows us to display a tour with one "skin" from the broker or agent's site, and with another IDX compliant skin when shown via IDX.

If enough members in the local MLS request that they can have their tours linked automatically, most MLSs are very responsive to these requests.



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